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Delivering to Ghana, efficiently and with care.

Berleq Logistics provides a comfortable and reliable service by shipping your valued items back home to Ghana, safely and efficiently. We keep you informed every step of the way thereby guaranteeing your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Follow our simple 4-step process.

berleq logistics

Step 1

Call us on +44 2071 172 589 or +44 7395 531 924 to arrange a collection. Alternatively, you can click here to chat with us via WhatsApp.

berleq logistics

Step 2

Our friendly team picks up your goods from any agreed location in the UK. We’re happy to arrange collection at a time that’s convenient for you.

berleq logistics

Step 3

We ship your goods safely and efficiently to Ghana. You’ll receive regular updates so that you always know where your goods are.

berleq logistics

Step 4

Your goods arrive and are delivered hassle-free to your location. We eagerly look forward to delivering your next package to Ghana!

Our clients are saying:

Some clients asked:

Which areas do you deliver to in Ghana?

We cover almost 95% of Ghana. However, for locations outside our catchment area, we deliver through a third party.

How do I book for a collection?

You can book through our booking lines or via our website.

What services do Berleq provide?

We provide door-to-door shipping from the UK to Ghana which takes between 4–6 weeks from the point of collection to delivery. We also provide drop shipping and our Air Freight service will be up and running soon, so do keep an eye out for it.

How long does it take for my goods to arrive in Ghana?

The whole door-to-door process takes 4-6 weeks. This is from the point of pick up in the UK to being distributed in Ghana. We normally advise that for busy periods such as Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays, you try to book your pick-ups early to avoid disappointment. During these holiday periods the ports can be very busy and it is always best to book your shipments to allow ample time for delivery.

How do you provide packaging?

We normally advise that for busy periods such as Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays do try to book your pick ups early to avoid disappointment. During these holiday periods the ports can be very busy and it is always best to book your shipments to allow ample time for delivery.

Can I use my own packaging?

Yes, you can. Please bear in mind that prices can vary when using your own packaging.

How do I cancel or change a booking request?

In order to amend or cancel a booking, please call our office line and we will be
happy to help you

Other services we provide

Berleq Logistics is a one-stop shop that provides a wide range of services without you having to go through a middleman. If you need provisions, back-to-school items, baby supplies or even a new outfit for a special occasion happening soon, you have knocked on the right door! Our friendly team members take you on an unforgettable journey, making your experience exciting, reliable, swift and cost-effective. Every so often we will throw in a promotion just to say thank you for being a valued customer.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is one of the most cost-effective ways of sending your items back home to Ghana, especially if they are large and you have time on your hands.

Our sea freight service normally takes about 4–6 weeks and from time to time shipments can arrive in Ghana 3 weeks and are dispatched before the 4-week mark.

We have cost-effective boxes and barrels for shipments and guess what? You can also use your own if you choose to. Please bear in mind that prices can vary outside our standardised sizes.

berleq logistics

Our Berleq Logistics Personal Shopper service is second to none. We can help place orders from well-known shops in the UK and have the items delivered to you in Ghana.

This quick and easy-to-use service helps to eliminate bottle necks posed to shoppers outside the UK.

If you are shopping for provisions and supplies you can always send us a list of your items and we will order them on your behalf.

Tell us whom you are buying from. It can be a UK retailer or auction site.

Tell us how you would like us to pay for your items. We can pay on your behalf using our UK credit card or PayPal account.

Copy and paste the web address(es) for each item into your order form, stating the size, quantity, price and description of the item(s).

Kindly be aware that there will be times when an item’s price or offer will change, or it is no longer in stock. If that happens, a member of the Personal Shopper team will contact you to find out how you would like us to proceed.

Please note also that due to the vast number of personal shopping orders coming in daily, your payments to Berleq Logistics for the purchase of your items, service and delivery will need to be completed within 5 days of placing your order, before any items are shipped out to you.

Drop Shop Service

Our Drop Shop service is everybody’s dream. You do not need to rely on family or friends to be at home to wait on your delivery. You can send your items through to our office, where there will always be a member of staff in the office to receive your order.

This Drop Shop service does not incur any additional charges to receive your items on your behalf. All you need to do is let us know in advance, what and where you are ordering from and when we can expect to receive your package.

berleq logistics

Clients also asked:

Are there maximum weight and size limits for a parcel?

Yes, we advise weight and size of parcels should be around 60kg dependent on the box size, and 500kg for palletised packages. The pickup team will need to be able to move the packages. If they are unable to do so the boxes will need to be repacked.

Are there any prohibited items Berleq cannot ship?

Yes, there are, for a full and comprehensive list please see our dangerous, hazardous and prohibited goods page on our Dangerous and High Valued Goods page.

Does my recipient need to pay anything when my goods arrive in Ghana?

No, they will not be charged. All expenses are covered for in the one-off charge you pay to transport your goods. Please bear in mind however, that if you are shipping any commercial items they could be subject to duty as this is at the discretion of the Ghana Customs.

Will my parcel be opened for inspection?

Yes, Ghana Customs reserve the right to examine the contents of our container at any time.

Is my consignment covered by insurance?

No. However, we advise customers to take up insurance for greater protection. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Service for more information.

What should I do if my consignment is damaged on arrival in Ghana?

You would have to make a report of loss or damages within 7 days of receiving items. We will investigate your complaint within 28 days and revert. If we are liable for damages, we will compensate you in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Service.

Get a Quote

If you will like us to give you a quote, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you promptly. We know that sometimes you may not be able to estimate the weight correctly or understand how actual weight compares with volumetric weight, and that’s okay. We’ll give you a clear picture once we receive your items.

Our Contact Locations



Suite 214, Nile Business Centre,
56 – 60 Nelson Street,
London E1 2DE

+44 7395 531 924, +44 (0)207 117 2589

Monday-Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 8:30am – 6pm
Sunday Closed



First Junction, Teshie Nungua

+233 244 505 692 +233 558 413 992

Monday-Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 8:30am – 6pm
Sunday Closed

Send us a Message

We always love to hear from you so if you have a general enquiry about how we can be of service to you, feel free to let us know!

berleq logistics

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