Dangerous Goods
The company shall not accept certain goods for carriage or storage, including but not limited to any of the following goods;

1. Flammable gases or aerosols, tobacco products, alcoholic drinks with alcohol content above 24% ABV, pyrotechnics or explosives, arms and ammunition or corrosives, toxics, oxidising or radioactive materials or any other noxious, dangerous or hazardous goods likely to cause damage.

2. We shall not carry any human remains, including funerary items such as urns and ashes or any living organisms dead or alive or frozen or perishable goods.

3. We shall not, without specific written agreement carry cash, documents which can be exchanged for cash such as cheques, vouchers with a face value, passports, stamps, securities and prescription drugs.

4. Any goods prohibited by law or regulation of any government or public or local authority of any country where the goods are carried.